Hi, I’m Max Garza, a detail-oriented communicator and copywriter with experience creating marketing material, blog articles, social media, and website content.

Work Experience / Resume

Freelance Content Writer | 04/2019 - Current

Help marketing agencies grow their clients’ online presence by writing digital content. Involves conducting extensive research to ensure accuracy and originality while maintaining readability and keyword optimization. Clients and their projects include:

A3K Advertising

Write a wide variety of content, including informative articles, blog posts, social media content, and webpage content. Process involves research, especially SEO analyses.


Provide web content for clients. Involves writing copy, lead magnets, and funnels. Said copy emphasizes story branding and SEO.

MPD Ventures

Create social media plans for their clients. Largest social media project to date is Project Unity. Also frequently update MPD clients’ WordPress sites and improve client LinkedIn profiles.

Graphic Designer | 11/2020 – 08/2021

You’re On The Money | Remote Position

Created personalized sticker orders in Photoshop and ensured timely and accurate production of products.

Marketing Intern | 06/2020 – 08/2020

Epilepsy Foundation | San Antonio, TX

Managed and organized a database of potential and past donors. Used database to send out e-mails intended to solicit donations. Also made social media posts and other digital marketing material.


ELAR 7-12 Texas Teaching Certification | 2022

Texas Lutheran University


Program: Alternative Teaching Certification Program

  • null
    4.00 GPA

Bachelor of Arts | 2020

Texas Lutheran University


Major: Communication Studies
Minors: English and Public Relations

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    3.97 GPA




Social Media


Basic Photoshop and Illustrator

Google and Microsoft Office Suites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Public Speaking

Basic Project Management



Honor Organizations

Alpha Chi Alpha

Lambda Delta Lambda

Pi Eta

Alpha Mu Gamma

National Society of Leadership and Success – Publicity Chair (2018-2019)

“Having owned a marketing agency for over twenty-five years, I have worked with dozens of employees and/or freelancers – with varying degrees of success. But the few gems I have found and continue to work with year after year, share a deep sense of responsibility, the lack of an “I know everything” ego, and an eagerness for excellence.

Max has all of these qualities.”

Amy Knickerbocker, A3K Advertising, Inc.

School Related Accomplishments


Acted as the university’s National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Publicity Chair from 2018-2019. As part of a marketing course, created digital and physical marketing packages for a non-profit. For another course, created and delivered a presentation to get funding to a non-profit. Also executed several large-scale projects. These include two on-the-ground studies involving active leadership and two theses.

Proficient at leading online meetings and classrooms. Assisted a university class as a Teacher’s Assistant. Hosted one-on-one meetings and provided feedback, assistance, and grades to students. Also ran classroom discussions/lessons over ZOOM.

Teaching Certification

As a student teacher in a middle school English classroom, learned planning, time management, goal setting, and organization skills. Also learned teaching methods as well as how to interact with faculty, students, faculty, and family. Aside from skill building, also executed an on-the-ground study and wrote a thesis.

High School

As a Cadet and member of the AFJROTC Leadership Team, managed personnel data, provided training, led teams/classrooms, coordinated events, and participated in recruiting efforts.

Created and led an AFJROTC Honor Society, initiating and managing a year-long process that included a formal presentation to the United States Air Force to obtain sanctioning.

“What I most appreciate most about Max is his ability to figure things out on his own. With agency work, it is often the case that it takes about as long to explain how to do something as it takes to just do it yourself. Max eliminates this frustration. With minimal instruction, he takes initiative and delivers well-thought-out work that, frankly, is superior to what I’ve received from people with years more experience.”

Amy Knickerbocker, A3K Advertising, Inc.

Personal Interests

Not everyone is the same, and I think that’s a good thing.

I enjoy the following creative endeavors in my free time:



Media and Media Critiques




Video Games

Physical training

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